Standard designs using the Surface Water Treatment Plant (20 L/s- 60 L/s) method.

The EtFlocSedFi Method creates an AguaClara water treatment plant based on the user input of a desired plant flow rate (Only use for flow rates above 16 L/s).

These designs were created with version 7667 of the design code.

  • 20Lps
  • 25Lps
  • 30Lps
  • 40Lps
  • 50Lps
  • 60Lps
  • Custom Design

    If you would like a custom design that is not available above, you can submit a design request to our design server.
    Project Title:
    Project City:
    Project State:
    Project Notes:

    Plant flow rate (L/s):
    Flocculator head loss (m):
    Floc blanket depth (slope peak to floc weir) (m):
    Flocculator slab thickness (m):
    Sedimentation tank outer wall thickness (m):
    Sedimentation tank dividing wall thickness (m):
    Sedimentation tank channel wall thickness (m):
    Flocculator outer wall thickness (m):
    Flocculator dividing wall thickness (m):
    Filter wall thickness (m):
    Filter auxiliary box wall thickness (m):
    Plant building wall thickness (m):
    Plant floor slab thickness (m):
    Chemical platform slab thickness (m):
    Plant drain channel wall thickness (m):
    Coagulant max dose (estimate based on jar tests with turbid raw water) (mg/L):
    Chlorine average dose (estimate based on chlorine demand tests and desired residual) (mg/L):
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